After so many years of waiting we finally got our hands on Kingdom Hearts III, not before having had to play so many chapters of interlude that have complicated, sometimes in a useless way, the plot.

Now the story of Xehanort is over, but certainly one of the longest-running and profitable sagas of Square Enix it will not be interrupted, as already announced several times and as can easily be guessed from the end of the third chapter. In a recent interviewIn fact, Tetsuya Nomura he stated that there will certainly be one Kingdom Hearts IV, but that this will be preceded by at least an interim title.

As a success between the second and third chapter, therefore, even between the third and fourth centuries we will have additional stories, which will explain (and perhaps again complicate) the main plot of Kingdom Hearts. Where and when we will see these interlude chapters is not yet known, but if history teaches, we will probably play them scattered between PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Nintendo Switch.