The times when everyone had one PlayStation modified are now far: today with consoles perpetually connected to the internet, firmware updates and various functionalities is increasingly difficult to resort to the so-called "jailbreak"

Difficult, but not impossible, so much so that a user even has sold some modified PlayStation 4s, complete with pre-installed games, on eBay. Obviously Sony has not been watching and has brought in the cause Eric David Scales, a man from California, for the above reason, but without fighting against him. The request from the Japanese company is in fact alone dollars 20.000, including 16.800 dollars for DMCA violation and other 3.500 dollars for court costs.

Sony has therefore requested the "indispensable minimum" imposed by law, limiting itself to the penalties provided for by the violation of the DMCA which is of 800 dollars for each console e 200 dollars for every pirated game, which in this case were well 76.

A kind of warning for all those who have similar intentions to Eric Davis Scales, more than a real cause to get rich.