Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most successful Nintendo Switch titles. To achieve this excellent result, however, it seems that no sacrifices were necessary. In a recent interview in fact Masahiro Sakurai, historical creator of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, he said that he had even managed to get drips to follow the project in the first person.

The Japanese has suffered on several occasions of food poisoning, but his dedication and passion led him to resort to this drastic solution. Not only that: to put a stop to his desire to work and protect his health, he had imposed the rule of having to leave the studio of maximum production at 22. Sakurai took a break only near the Christmas period, between the 22 and 24 December, and then immediately return to deal with the DLC that will be released in the future.

These statements highlight the great love of Sakurai for his game but they worry a lot his fans, willing to wait even months to ensure that the creator does not have to resort to similar expedients. It seems that the renowned dedication and stubbornness of the Japanese will not allow any rest for poor Sakurai.