The next week could be very promising for EA's newcomer, who immediately gave the critically-acclaimed Fortnite of Epic Games a hard time. In recent days, in fact, on one subreddit dedicated to the title, a post appeared that portrayed the alleged legend Octane (this is the name that emerged from the phases of datamining) during the realization:

All this has obviously ignited numerous debates on the reliability of the news. Recently, however, a report by "Daily Esports" seems to confirm what we have seen so far, also providing a high definition image of the character:

Octane would be able to treat yourself passively when you are not hit, of increase its 30% speed in exchange for 10% of health, and finally to take advantage of a "launch pad" able to launch the players in the air. This last skill would seem particularly interesting, since it could be used by all party members like Wraith's and Pathfinder's Ultimate. The Battaglia Pass instead, according to the report, is scheduled for 12 March, even if you do not know the content, the price, or how long it will be available before being replaced by the next Pass.

Apex Legends has recently passed i 50 millions of users, generating a certain hype of additional content, for the confirmation of which we do not therefore have to wait until next week.