Battlefield 5: the mode battle royale call "Firestorm" è close to release. On the Battlefield 5 online daily update page, the famous battle royale mode called “Firestorm” has appeared. Leak leaked thanks to the user reddit "Firexstudio". And contrary to what was declared by DICE (last week of March), it will be available sooner than you think. So much so that there is already a daily mission to complete (conquer 500 points). The mode in question will have one vast map, like never before seen in a Battlefield. At least according to what the developers themselves said. A total of 16 teams and all that corollary from gunpowder, so dear to the various Fortnite, Apex Legends e PUBG, which distinguishes a battle royale. We remind you that the game, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, came out on 20th November of last year for Pc, Playstation e Xbox.