La censorship it is certainly something not well seen since it limits the freedom to express itself and show the world its ideas and creations. There are certain cases, however, where limits are exceeded and this is what he thought Valve not accepting the publication of Rape Day on Steam.

The aforementioned game is the latest creation of Desk Plant and had sparked controversy since the first announcement, with a petition requesting its cancellation and reaching the 8000 signatures. The reason for this is the possibility of being able to rape, verbally but above all sexually, women. Rape Day is in fact a post apocalyptic game, in which you have to survive by killing the zombies and with the ability to "distract" from the undead and going to take with the women of the game, extorting their information with insults or, in fact, rapes.

Valve obviously did not want to put himself in an uncomfortable position therefore prevented this game from being released on Steam:

We respect the desire of developers to express themselves, and the purpose of Steam is to help developers find an audience. However, this developer has chosen a type of content and a way of representing it that makes it difficult to help him.

Desk Plant has obviously accepted the decision made by Valve, but has no intention of throwing all his work: in fact, he will publish Rape Day on his website, allowing it to be purchased without intermediaries.