A couple of weeks ago, on the Steam page dedicated to the new Lovecraftian investigative adventure The Sinking City, the publication date, previously set at 21 in March, has mysteriously disappeared. Frogswares soon revealed the mystery communicant that the delay is wanted because they simply want to publish the game in a calmer period.

In the video above, the community manager of Frogwares, Sergey Oganesyan, says the development team discussed the postponement for several months.

"We decided we wanted to publish our game in a less crowded period of time. So many fantastic games come out in a short time, I'm sure this will also give you some respite.

And in fact he is not entirely wrong. This month has become quite challenging with games like The Division 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice e Generation Zero all coming out in the coming weeks.

The Sinking City will be published on June 27. Frogwares also said that the extra time will also allow for more optimization and improvement work.