Yesterday, 1.0.3 patch was released in advance of a week Anthem. The main promise is to improve the stability of the game, going to solve a series of problems that caused crashes and disconnections.

Also the gameplay real will see some changes:

  • the times of respawn will be linked to the activity in progress: it will take 10 seconds for non-end-game activities like Crit-Path and Agent Mission, and 30 seconds for activities such as Legendary Contract and Stronghold;
  • White and green objects, common and uncommon, will no longer appear to 30 level players.

All other changes e bugfix they can be consulted in the patch notes.

Despite the many criticisms received, the EA It is very much focused on the title and the fact that in February it was the best selling game on the PS Store American shows that the public's interest in the title remains very high anyway.