First teaser trailer for the new movie di Doom, Alias Doom: Annihilation. After the first (and unfortunate) film adaptation of the stainless masterpiece John romero, (dating back to 2005) starring the actor / wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Universal Picture tries again with this new effort that (apparently) will come directly in digital and blu-ray format. At the moment the film does not have a date official release. The film tells of a group of marines, engaged on a base located in that of a martian moon infested (but goes?) By truculent demonic creatures. Teaser trailer that for canvas and characterization of enemies, very reminiscent of the third chapter of the series. It goes without saying that it is premature to reach any conclusion after a movie of just 30 seconds. Then why "stay calm if you can, everything else is a Doom Slayer". Doom: Annihilation is among us!