It is coming War of the Spark, 81th expansion of Magic The Gathering will be available from May and W launched this teaser in recent days.

In the video we see some windows showing the beauty of 36 Planeswalker, which will all be present in War of the Spark, with this really fantastic glazed style graphics, which unfortunately we will not see again on the physical cards, but the bombshell news that EVERY envelope will have a Planeswalker inside (and therefore probably will come out also with common and uncommon rarity).

Su PDVG we will follow the exit of the spoiler trying to comment on the usefulness of the individual cards both from the point of view of the Constructed and the Limited, remembering that the prerelease is scheduled for the 27 April and it is hoped that, like the last ones, we can have codes from redeem on MTG: Arena.

Do you want to take a closer look at these "small" works of art?

With the launch of the digital platform MTG: Arena, the famous card game has made its entrance, in all respects, in the world of video games and it is already starting to carve out an important role in the world of eSports, even if the client lacks that fundamental viewer function to become even more appealing from this point of view.