For several months the array of digital clients / stores has been enriched by a new protagonist, or rather theEpic Store of Epic Games. This new client is definitely still at the beginning for options and catalog offered but Tim Sweeney, head of the company, already knows what to focus on in order to beat competitors like Steam.

In an interview with MCV UK, Sweeney has in fact declared the following:

We're giving developers and publishers the store we've always wanted for ourselves as developers.

These battles are won based on the games offered, the prices and the revenues of the developers. I think the video game industry will change more over the next five years than it has in the past ten years.

Words not only on the Epic Store itself, but on the whole sector of the videogame market. According to Tim Sweeney physical stores will soon disappear to give space exclusively to the digital market, which is why Epic Games is investing heavily in its store. Will it really be like this? And will the Epic Store manage to reach and perhaps overcome Steam?