An unpleasant episode has blocked sales of Judgment, a Yakuza series spin-off in Japan. The actor Pierre Taki, who in the game plays the yakuza Kyohei Hamura, he was arrested for using drugs, specifically cocaine.

In Japan drug-related events are seen with a very negative eye, to the point that even the possession of marijuana can lead to arrest and ghettoization by society. Here because SEGA immediately ran for cover, stopping Judgment sales throughout the territory to avoid strong media repercussions. In all likelihood, even the future distribution of the game in the West could suffer a setback or postponement. In the past, another actor belonging to the cast of Yakuza 4 had been arrested for the same reasons. At the remaster of the game a recasting was therefore provided, which could also happen for Judgment.

SEGA is unfortunately in an awkward position, which will cost him a lot of money for reasons unrelated to the gaming world. We hope that the question will be resolved, given that finally the Japanese company had even taken care of translating the Italian subtitles for the release of the game in the West, something that never happened for the previous chapters of Yakuza. Losing the opportunity to play another great action would be a shame.