Yuppie Psycho

If you have never heard of indie horror Yuppie Psycho, this is the right opportunity. The game in pixel-art style will in fact arrive on Steam next month, making the idea of ​​going to the office every day even scarier.

The game was initially announced in the 2016, while last year the console versions were also confirmed. However, development has been muted for some time, at least until today. The title, then, is more inspired than ever; the game designer has in fact begun to develop after leaving his corporate job, with the intent of transforming "hell" lived at work into a literal hell in which the player will find himself involved.

Yuppie Psycho will be available on Steam starting from 25 April, but the developer said that the Ps4, XboxOne and Switch versions are planned, although it is not yet clear when. It will be really interesting to see how the game will transform the experiences of a simple employee in a real nightmare. Ah, and good work.