Will start from future 10: 00 AM PT (The 19 Italian) the 1 season of Battle Pass di Apex Legends entitled "Wild Frontier". On the official website of Ea, there are all the details on the contents of the Pass Battle of the game, affordable for 950 Apex coins. Thanks to the latter you will be able to level up your Battle Pass too. You will also have the Revolutionary skin di Lifeline Survivor skin di Wraith and Rebel skin di The Mirage,, with more than 100 unique items during the season. The latter will remain yours even at the end of the aforementioned season. Then there will be one of the free rewards skin legend Wild Frontier, 5 Pack Apex e 18 Wild Frontier counters. To buy instead the Battle Bundle Pass they will take you there 2800 Apex coins, this Pass will allow you to unlock the 25 levels subsequent to the first season, so if you are at the 20 level, you will get all the rewards up to the 45 level plus three special battle skin passes. We remind you that Apex Legends è available from 4 February su Pc, Xbox e Ps4.