He held on to life with nails and teeth but it's time to say enough. The Culling, as announced by the developer Xaviant, will definitely close its doors in May.

In a post on the official website, the operations director Josh Van Veld he explained that the time has come to pull the plug.

When we launched the Origins update and made the game free, our hope was that the revenue generated by in-app purchases would be enough to support our team and support ongoing development. Unfortunately it was not the case. Even with thousands of active daily users, revenue was only a fraction of what our development team required to continue day-to-day operations. As a result, we have been forced to reduce its size, which makes us unable to provide continuous support and updates that allow the game to grow and prosper.

Players will have until 15 in May to make a final match. If it can serve as a consolation, the offline modes will still be available after this date.

The pages related to the store and in-app purchases "Will be disabled as soon as possible".