Castle Crashers Remastered for Ps4 and Switch


Castle Crashers Remastered is outgoing for Ps4 e Switch. After 11 years the famous title of the Indie software house The Behemoth, will see the light in a remastered version for both the Sony monolith and the Nintendo flagship. Both versions can be played in multiplayer online or local co-op. The game, for those who do not know it, is a fighting game in 2.5D scrolling a lot of fun, with gdr elements and with a pretty cartoony design. The remastered does not have a release date yet, but apparently it will be already playable next EGX Rezzed, the annual videogame Expo which takes place mainly in England several times a year, a Mid-April. In the video, Alien Hominid - developer as well as of Castle Crashers Remastered also of Pit People - in the midst of 7 minutes of gameplay of the latter, it explains their concept of turn-based strategy game. Good vision!