The rebirth of Capcom continues incessantly, the times of the much criticized Resident Evil 6 and DmC: Devil May Cry (the reboot) seem increasingly distant. This 2019 has definitely started with a bang for the company, after a Resident Evil 2 Remake acclaimed by audiences and critics, here comes on the shelves all over the world Devil May Cry 5, which finally brings a real sequel to the historic saga of Dante and his companions that has remained dormant from the now distant 2008. Eleven years ago we made the acquaintance of Nero, who returns as co-protagonist with Dante in this fifth chapter directed by Hidetaki Itsuno. Our two demon hunters will also be accompanied by a third character in this adventure, this is V, a mysterious man capable of summoning three demonic pets that will help him in combat.

The plot (without spoiler)

When in a discussion we talk about Devil May Cry, the focus in general is almost never about the plot, being the gameplay the most appreciated part of the brand is frenetic and technical. However, in a single-player game the narrative plot cannot be surely set aside, especially for a saga that has been going on for almost twenty years. The title, however, in this will also meet newcomers, given that in the main menu there will be a movie that will summarize all the events concerning the various titles (and also the animated series) in an exhaustive way. We have premised you that we would not have made spoilers in briefly describing the plot of Devil May Cry 5, and so it will not be, given that we will limit ourselves to reporting mainly the information of the history contained in the various trailer and official gameplay published before launch of the game.

It all starts with V, a mysterious character who knocks on the door of the Devil May Cry agency to entrust a task to Dante: to defeat the new self-proclaimed "King of Demons" Urizen, who snatched Nero's demonic arm to gain immense power. Our three hunters will therefore have to venture into the depths of the Qliphoth, a demonic tree that feeds on human blood and has almost razed Red Grave City, threatening to expand ever more and pouring hordes of demons into the streets of the city.

Fan service at the right point

Il fan service is a factor to which we have always been used in the historic Capcom brand, Devil May Cry is a saga that has always presented characters and situations over the top. And despite this fifth chapter continues in its tradition of "blunder", it cannot fail to jump to the player's eye the emphasis that the developers wanted to push on the story, deepening the bonds between the characters and arriving in a final climax that will bring down almost a tear for humanity that these powerful demons will come to express, apparently also devils may cry. The storytelling of the game will almost never have dead or slow moments. Reflecting in full the frenzy of the gameplay also the narrative plot continues to fired pace from start to finish, giving some more or less predictable twist. The only small negative note of the aforementioned fan service is the practically insignificant presence of Trish and Lady, historical female presence of the brand but which in DMC5 will only serve to show a few shapes every now and then, when instead they turned out to be much more important for the purposes of lore in previous games.

A graphic from SSS

God bless the RE Engine. After the excellent work with Resident Evil 7 and RE2 Remake this graphic engine returns to show its muscles in Capcom's latest work. All the cutscenes are made with in-game graphics, and the photorealistic details of faces and settings leave you breathless. We have reviewed it on PC, but Devil May Cry 5 is designed to run at 60 frames per second on each platform, in order to guarantee the perfect fluidity necessary for each Hack n 'Slash who respects himself. The motion capture work of the characters' faces is mind-blowing, and even the demons can almost strike fear at the quality of the models and textures.

The level design is well managed, with the usual little secrets and extra missions that we can unlock with a minimum of extra exploration and extra platforming. But the small flaw is the repetitiveness settings in the final part of the game, which almost seems to be put there to lengthen the stock and make us replay the same route with all three co-stars. Overall, however, the semi-destroyed urban settings of the first half of the game are well inspired, and the effects of light and particle are great with an RE Engine that had mainly accustomed us to dark corridors.

easy to learn, SAVAGE to master

Devil May Cry 5 is divided into twenty missioni, in seven we will impersonate Nero, in four Vs and in other seven Dante, also in one it is possible to choose between Nero and V and in another still between all three characters. The longevity of the first run on normal difficulty (Demon Hunter) is around 12 hours, but the real challenge only begins once the latter is over, when we will unlock the toughest modes like "Son of Sparda" or "Dante Must Die". However, as the difficulty increases, it will not simply increase danno that we will receive from the enemies, but it will seem to us to play a real different game: the patterns of the moves of the demons change, the bosses will be placed side by side with minion, and we will meet monsters that previously belonged only to the mid-late game also in the prologue. The replay value is practically at the top if we aim to unlock all the abilities and upgrades in the various difficulties, and if we count that from the April 1 will be added for free also the much loved mode Bloody Palace, the hours you can (and will, trust) dedicate to Devil May Cry 5 are virtually endless.

Stylish and technical

As per tradition, our goal while maciulliamo hordes of demons will not be so much to proceed in a safe and efficient way, but to do so with style and variety, trying at the same time not to let us be hit while we continue to massacre the various types of enemies who will dare to oppose us and the boss on duty. It is known that Devil May Cry is not Dark Souls, parades and rolls are an extremely marginal element of a combat system that rewards aggression and combo diversified to get as many Red Orbs as possible to spend on upgrades and gadgets. The three characters in the title will have three radically different gameplay between them, and that in common only have the spectacularity and brutality of the beats that we will shoot right and left in the scenarios.

Black is the character that we will use mainly in the early stages of the game, which without too many technicalities allows even the least avid gamers of the genre to get used to the combat system. Its peculiarity is i Devil Breaker, mechanical arms of different types that we will unlock by defeating the various bosses of the missions and who will have to be equipped and purchased by Nico, our crazy and creative travel companion in the van that will serve as our base of operations. Obviously the young demon hunter is accompanied by his faithful Red Queen sword and the Blue Rose revolver, simple weapons but that will allow us, in combination with the different Devil Breakers, to carry out devastating combos from the first levels.

The commissioner of the assignment and passionate about poetry V it is probably the most likely character innovative in terms of gameplay that has never been seen in a Devil May Cry. V is in fact an exclusively "ranged" character, who merely approaches to give the final blow to the enemies weakened by his three familiars, Griffon, Shadow e Nightmare. Even with these it is however possible, and perhaps even too easy, to create crazy combos of attacks that will lift our style vote very quickly and I repeat myself, maybe too. In fact, the feeling you get in the missions in which we play V is almost of omnipotence, if our evocations will be struck by demons, we will not suffer harm, and it has hardly ever happened to me that the lives of the families reached zero. However, even if this should happen, just wait a few seconds and they will be ready to fight. The missions with V are therefore definitely the most Friendly towards the neophytes, being the unskilled character and being also very simple to get votes like Smokin 'Sexy Style (SSS) with the latter.

Finally we come to the Legendary Demon Hunter Dante Alighieri, iconic character of the saga and also the most loved. In Devil May Cry 5 the Gameplay (with a capital G) with Dante is the apotheosis of what can be a Hack n 'Slash. Without a shadow of a doubt we are faced with the most complex and technical character of all. With the switch between four styles: Trickster, Swordmaster, Gunslinger and Royal Guard and the possibility of exchanging four melee and four ranged weapons during the combos we find ourselves in front of a moveset capable of envying even a fighting. For the most hardcore fans of Devil May Cry this Dante will represent the realization of the most secret and forbidden dreams, the absolute personification of the Sick Skills in short, so much sought after, the highest peak ever achieved by an action video game.

Thanks is not enough

When will you play a Devil May Cry 5, and I hope you will do it as soon as possible, you will realize how much this historic saga now almost twenty years old, needed a title like this. Capcom is proving more and more capable of giving back splendor to those IPs that have made the history of video games, and not distorting them as there is always the great risk of doing, but even squeezing both the eye to those players who by now old people follow these brands from their childhood, but also to the younger ones who need to know that the single player is not dead, that one can still be moved by a story and a video game that has as its ultimate goal the one with which this medium was born: genuinely doing amuse.