Goku child Series Dragona Ball GT will be added to the roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ. In the midst of the endless series of variations that concern Goku, Goku child will enter a straight leg in the iconic fighting game inspired by the saga of Akira Toriyama. The details on the move list so far are rather thin, but from the images we can see how the magic stick will be the crucial element of the combo of the character and will allow him to catapult quickly in action.

La special move It will be there Super Kamehameha, the latter will also allow it to turn into Super Sayan 3 when they stay in the team less than 2 members.

Goku child will be added to the DLC area of 2 season of the game together with Videl e Jiren earlier this year. Some rumors are also available in the future Goku Ultra Instinct e Goku Super Sayan fourth level. We just have to wait, the Sayans the arduous sentence. We remind you that Dragon Ball FighterZ It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch e PC.