epic Games is bending over backwards to get exclusive titles for his online PC store, theEpic Games Store but no longer wants to fall into difficult situations. We are obviously referring to what happened with Metro Exodus. In case you are not aware of it, Metro Exodus was available on Steam for months before being suddenly removed in favor of an exclusive version on Epic Games Store.

The publisher Deep Silver however he honored the existing pre-orders. At this week's GDC, PC Gamer asked Steve Allison, head of Epic Games Store, for information on the matter. Allison talked about the timing and communication that accompanied the exclusivity:

We never want to do it again. We had been talking to those guys for a few months and they made decisions on their side - [...] - we decided to do it together, we both knew there was potential. I think it looked a lot worse [than it actually was] and it was bigger than we thought ... we'll never do it that way again.

In short, it was a decision that was perhaps a little too hasty and communicated without the right timing.