Cross-play has now become a topic of fundamental importance for the entire gaming world, which involves gamers, developers and, of course, the big giants of the industry. Clearly the latter have the last word on the subject, and they seem to be taking the path of collaboration. All except Sony.

With a few selected games (like Fortnite and Rocket League) removed, Sony has always been reluctant to welcome what many predict is the inevitable future of video games with open arms. At the base, as Sony has repeatedly confirmed, there are certainly economic evaluations.

Gaminbolt, in an interview with Rachael (member of Jumpstick, development team behind DownStream: VR Whitewater Kayaking) talked about this. Rachael certainly didn't send them to say and answered loud and clear:
"I think their intent is to create their own walled garden and use it to exploit players away from their competitors. I can understand their position from an economic point of view, but I think it's just frustrating for the players in the end. Recently we have seen some movements with games like Fortnite, maybe things are changing ”.

What do you think about it? Is Rachael right? What is your position on cross-play?