And here we are on the component list, I recommend you look at the video of Francesco if you haven't done it yet!

Small note, the power supply is currently unavailable, you can however find it on this link, I replaced it with a very valid alternative!

[amazon_link asins=’B0759FTRZL,B07CB4LHPL,B01M7STFAJ,B078WQJXNF,B01MG1MP73,B07MLF3VZS,B07B7KQGN1,B076PBT7H6′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’parlidivide0e-21′ marketplace=’IT’ link_id=’909a020e-5abc-4e62-a239-ab5d5a8bf2f7′]

Below you can find the "recommended upgrades" if your budget is a bit longer.

[amazon_link asins=’B0759FGJ3Q,B07PSSLPWH,B009CPDI62′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’parlidivide0e-21′ marketplace=’IT’ link_id=’a88dfe2e-f09c-42a5-ab77-bcbfaedc398a’]

I conclude by leaving the full gameplay of Apex, recorded with shadowplay directly on the PC in question, tell me if it is not of all respect!