After showing a series of prototypes last year, Bandai Namco finally showed the final details of his Duel Disk of Yu-Gi-Oh! in 1 scale: 1. From the size of 71.5 cm, this gadget attaches to the arm just like in the animated series, and was created with absolute fidelity and attention to detail, so as to reproduce exactly the Monster Card Zones, Spells, Traps and Cemetery, as you can see from the video presentation:

What's more, the gem of the Kaiba Corporation is equipped with a life points counting system; but not only: it even reproduces exactly the sounds present in the anime. It is certainly not the first Duel Disk made by Konami, but it is certainly the most successful and impressive quality. Currently available for pre-order only in the online store PROPLICA Duel by Bandai at 21.600 yen, approx 172 €, the Duel Disk will be released in November this year. The dream of many of you is about to become reality: run to recover your Deck, it's time to duel!