Gearbox public. less than 24 hours from their live streaming to be held at PAX East, an interesting teaser trailer about Borderlands.

The title, Mask of Mayhem, does not reveal anything about the nature of the final product, so we cannot give confirmation to 100% that this is the long awaited one Borderlands 3, although we sincerely hope so.

But the most interesting thing about the trailer is the presence of at least two easter eggs. The first is the presence of alphanumeric sequences that together form this code:


It is a Shift code for Borderlands 2 which, once inserted, returns this message:

Mask Teaser Hidden SHiFT Code!

March 27, 2019

Thank you for being excited enough to dissect the new bandit with the grace of Dr. Zed! As a reward, you have been granted Salvador's Community Day skin and 5 Golden Keys! There are more skins to be granted, so good luck out there, Vault Hunter!

The second one is a set of morse signals that translated say:

Follow and Obey

We just have to tune in to the 19 Italian time on the channel Gearbox Youtube hoping to receive the news that we all await.