The diatribe between Steam, Epic Games Store and the videogame world seems to have no end and the protagonist this time is Year 1800.

On the page Game Steam a notice was published stating that the title will be removed from the store on 16 April.

Ubisoft has indeed decided to make it exclusive for another digital store which, in this case, responds to the name of Epic Games Store, besides of course that su Uplay.

Anyone who had already pre-bought Year 1800 su Steam will not see it disappear but will still have the chance to play with it via the launcher Valve and will normally receive all future updates and DLCs.

Following this news, Ubisoft he also announced that he wants to extend his partnership with Epic Games Store, thanks also to the success achieved with The Division 2 (of which you can find our review a this link), and announced that its past titles will be part of the "Free Program" di Epic Games Store.

The war between the stores seems to have just begun: a good or a bad thing for us players?

Anno 1800 lands on Epic