A time to have a cellular monochrome with the features of a brick (Nokia 3310 über alles), implied a unique videoludic joy, that of detaching from the frenetic world that surrounds us thanks to dear good old man Snake. Alas today it is no longer so. But for some time now, we have the opportunity to assist the modernity rediscovering the much sought after past above. Look for an ics place through Google Maps on our home computer and drive the good old snake of the early years of the '2000 through a labyrinth like at the time, but with trains. Yes you got it right with the trains. Needless to say that the aforementioned application is obviously also available on smartphones (but only for a week). The only oddity of this version, besides the fact of having to use trains instead of the well-known reptile, is the fact of literally putting under the passengers placed in place of the food of the original version. What to tell you, in Snake we trust! Have fun.