Eighties skirt hate

Imagine returning with the mind to the amazing Years' 80. Shoulder pads, big hair, nail, bright colors that color blindness take me away, Maurizio Seymandi. You are back from the classic post-school weekend in the company of your friends. At some point, however, the boat that was to take you home was hit by some explosive bullets left by the shore. Despite the wounds, fortunately slight, you manage to survive and reach the shore. Suddenly though, in the purest panic, you come across a sort of robotic threat that he will also dump you in a pit of a meter by a meter. Welcome to Generation Zero, title survival fps of those jokers of the Avalanche Studios.

Once upon a time in a pagan wastlands

Scenario: Sweden, second after war. Declared neutral and also unscathed from the Second World War, the nation that gave birth to Europe pays a high price for having remained untouched after the war. We see it forced to to make pacts with Adolf Hitler and to spend one's wealth in a substantial military defense program. In a kind of climate from cold war, every citizen is ready to fight in war. The threat comes from the east and looms ever more.

It begins creating way their avatar, in a way that is too small and predefined. In fact, you can customize your character by choosing only: gender, physiognomy of the face, type of outfit, style of the dresscode chosen previously. At the beginning the dispersivity (especially in single player) is the master. The character you created, as usual, has a progression system. Each level is based on certain parameters such as: uncovered places, level of concealment, skill with weapons, won fights and ability to run away from the clutches of the robotic entity on duty (yes, yes). Each level also makes you earn a skill.

Take confidence immediately with the weapon that appears to be in possession of a discreet feeling. Realistic also, gun in hand, having to remain still on the target. The problem mostly lies in the enemy attack patterns: quite fast, but quite predictable and stereotyped movements. Another flaw of the robotic threat lies in aartificial intelligence rather fluctuating, and in one coverage that leaves much to be desired especially in blind spots or behind obstacles of equal altimetric situation to yours (such as rocks or hedges). They make from counterpart infallible mode of engagement that won't let you escape. Each place bears an indication of what can be gathered there, in order to give credence to the game's very soul: weapons, ammunition, war cosmetics, numismatics, letters, and various objects useful to the cause. To understand why those bad robots are here and with those who have it exactly.

And the shipwreck is sweet to me in this fjord
And the shipwreck is sweet to me in this fjord

I robot appear to be quite similar depending on the occupied area. In almost all they remember gods mecano zoomorfi, while in the town of Santhalm you can find others vaguely similar to Codsworth of Fallout. After a while they make their appearance particular transmitters to destroy: these tools serve to convey the signal of enemy entities in order to coordinate their actions throughout the archipelago. They try to find you far and wide, but still have a limited scope for their "encampment" of afference. Your only goal is therefore to survive, so escaping is sometimes not a way to sneak away, but a duty, especially if you have to cope with a small number of ammunition.

An element that, in this sense, can do for us, is theabsence of stamina. The character in spite of this fact, can run like Forrest Gump for miles without ever really getting tired, it only slightly decreases the running speed, but nothing relevant. Realism is going on, I know, but so be it! On the other hand, however, falling off a rocky wall even for a few meters can cause huge damage (no god mode sorry, and I believe it!). At the beginning, due to the few camps available, i respawn they are available only at a sidereal distance, and adding these elements, everything makes you swear in ancient Aramaic. Then the situation, fortunately, improves.

I robot they do not have secondary fire o rockets for example, but only an automatic fire. Understanding how to take away from their visual focus, it is no longer a problem to take them out without having to run away, special for tanks, older brothers of the aforementioned robots, as tall as a three-story building and equipped with an impressive missile battery available. At the beginning the risk of running out of ammunition, if you try to deal with robots instead of running away, is high, so a good almost systematic way to shoot down enemy robots is to use a semi-automatic pump rifle, especially the first of hours of play. Old-fashioned radio and signal lights help you distract your enemies. Here too theartificial intelligence struggles a little bit to take off.

Noteworthy day / night cycle, as well as the weather, although at night the atmosphere could certainly be more impactful. They are the robots that with their lights shot in the dark of the night manage to make the climate slightly more anxious. In the inventory there are no torches, but in the dark the character has one by default, which can be activated with the F key: I do not say to imitate Outcast or Rec but certainly to make the torch a lootable object apart would not have been too bad an idea to increase pathos and realism. In bunkers, initially in the dark, there is always the possibility of activating the electrical system. There is also one fair customization of the weapons: it goes from the classic silencer ai x4 optical sights of rifles, what is perhaps missing is the actual cosmetics of the weapon (better this way).

The night brings with it a discreet charm
The night brings with it a discreet charm

Who does not kill in the company is not the son of Odin

In multiplayer (cooperative for 4) the level of fun increases discreetly. The online mode can be activated both in the middle of a single player run and, as needed, before starting to play. Once plunged into co-op mode, get the same number of ammo and the same weapons you collected in single player. Everything will be less dispersive than the single mode, as long as your associates are nearby, otherwise they will stand on their shoulders and pedal. In coop attacking a camp gives you a sense of immediacy and extra fun, without getting lost in useless excursions for their own sake. Perhaps what is missing in this cooperative mode is the possibility of coordinating the attack with special shortcuts to the hand: only voice commands. Perhaps a little more tactics would have helped.

In co-op multiplayer, Generation Zero gives its best.
In co-op multiplayer, Generation Zero is at its best

Technically speaking ...

From a point of view technical presents a solid graphic engine: especially on PC at high resolutions, the forest è full of details , like the texture of the foliage, dew, rain, light effects and haze that makes it even more palpitating. Sufficient yield of weapons, including wear and carvings. The action eighties soundtracks accompany you on every "burgled" farm and provide that extra something in terms of suspense. Discrete but improved effects, environmental physics in the norm (definitely not shouting a miracle) as well as that of weapons. Particle effects to be reviewed, enjoyable explosions but it gets better.

Solid graphic engine
Solid graphic engine

He is intelligent but does not apply

Title quite free roaming if played in single, especially the first hours of the game you will be the skilled Mc Giver, Generation Zero provides an exploratory experience as redundant as, paradoxically, interesting. Not so much for being able to move around the world from houses, farms, garages, churches, pied a terre and so on, but for the good cinematographic cut and the atmospheric music sci-fi years 80. The latter contribute to giving that pathos and that depth to the forest (as well as the significant haze in terms of yield) that, instead, interactions with the hand are not there. Two huge flaws surround the whole: there is no presence of any Interactive NPC e no vehicle can be driven. The latter in fact are used only as a sort of jewelery box for all the survivor jewelery on site.

Mode in single e cooperative multiplayer, in some ways they travel in parallel. The second serves to make the former more enjoyable and less redundant, and it always succeeds because of a dispersion that underlies the total absence di mezzi di locomotion. Such a pity. If played in the company of 3 friends, as needed in such a mode, the fun could help and the sense of dispersion diminishes. To solve the missions you just need to reach or free the turn station from the robotic entities. No case to solve, mini-game or similar: even something different from having to limit the alien scrap would have been enough, while the only exception is having to destroy the aforementioned repeaters.

To make mushrooms between incinerated minipimers

Un fair bottom potential between history, atmosphere e setting, literally wasted in a game that looks like one incomplete beta sold at full price. In multiplayer between friends he has his reason, but from here to justify an investment at full price for a title like that, there goes. To give another chance to Avalanche Studios in this regard seems to be a must. Hope for a second chapter maybe less dispersive, with the means available (for the Far Cry series but not too much) and the NPCs alive, vegetative and active for the purpose of game mechanics, it seems good and right thing. Starting from the technical sector, atmosphere, history and settings: Avalanche strength, get down to work !! We remind you that Generation Zero is available now for Pc, Ps4 e Xbox One.