Sony announced one new reimbursement policy for the Playstation Store, which allows you to repay the products purchased in pre-order on his own digital platform. It will in fact be possible to obtain a reimbursement until launch day of the title itself, but only if you ordered the game more than 14 days before. In the period after the release, the game can be refunded within 2 settimane bytake the exit (uscita) (in the case of a pre-order or of an purchase). The basic problem is that in this time frame you can receive the reimbursement on its PSN portfolio as long as not having made any download for free o streaming concerning the content of the game. "Pre-loading”Included. Unless the product in question is defective.

As for i subscription services like Playstation Now, Playstation Plus e Spotify Music su Playstation, Sony will offer a policy of reimbursement of 14 days after date of purchase. In this regard, the Japanese company has provided an example in which it is required to return the amount within 7 days the date of purchase. The reimbursement can be reduced in a symbolic way regarding the use of the same by the user.