The "feud" between digital stores on PC continues and the protagonists are always the same, too Borderlands 3 is in fact contended between Epic Games Store e Steam, with the first one who secured aexclusive temporal on the game up to April 2020, and apparently the users of the Valve platform have not taken it very well.

As it had in fact happened with Metro Exodus just a few months ago, the Borderlands series in the last hours is receiving waves of negative reviews on Steam, all by these users who somehow want to "take revenge" on the fact that the new chapter of the brand will arrive first on a competitor store.

Fortunately, the Valve team that deals with the hateful phenomenon of review bombing is already working to resolve the issue, and we can only hope that everything will end for the best and as soon as possible. To the following link you can see the special editions and publication date of Borderlands 3.