When a new title from the From Software comes out, there are two types of players: those who let themselves go to all kinds of curses, and those who manage to defeat one boss after another without effort. Since about two weeks have passed since the launch of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it would not have taken long to witness a of the first no-hit runs.

THElast video of youtuber "horheristo " it consists in a compilation of all the boss fight present in the game, which obviously contains spoilers. And, rather than wandering around the terrified gaming arena like most players, he manages to eliminate the boss on duty without even being touched. It is a particularly aggressive style of play, which constantly presses the enemy. And above all the game is clean, no bug exploits or glitches of any kind. It is clearly someone who knows what he is doing, and above all like he is doing it. The complete run takes slightly longer than 40 minutes, and you can see it below:

And how are you doing with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? Are you satisfied with the purchase or are you reviewing the most famous names in the Bible?