One of the most popular platforms for the first PlayStation was Ape Scape, a game that fully exploited the two analogues of the DualShock and that made millions of players fall in love with ironic characters, both on the side of the good and the bad.

The success was enormous, so much to see some sequels, spin-offs and a television series, up to thelatest game in the 2011 called Playstation Move Ape Escape. Since then we have no longer had official information on the brand that, at this point, could be called dead.

Yet just in these hours Sony has updated, after nine years, the Official site of the game, fueling the hopes of all fans of the brand. The 31 May 2019 also will be celebrated twenty years since the birth of the IP, that Sony plans to make a special announcement?

After the popular remakes of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, the imminent Crash Team Racing and of the now disappeared MediEvil, maybe also Ape Escape will return to our consoles, perhaps announced in a new one State of Play.