It seems that Bethesda is about to introduce non-cosmetic elements into the microtransaction system of Fallout 76, breaking a promise made before the game was launched.

These non-aesthetic elements are called Repair Kit, divided into basic or advanced kits. They will be implemented in an upcoming update, which was presented this week, e they will be available for purchase at the Atomic Shop for real money.

Quoting directly the Bethesda website:


Basic repair kits are disposable consumable items that immediately and completely restore the condition of an object in the inventory. If you have a repair kit in your inventory, you can use it to restore any item at any time, anywhere and without spending construction materials. To use a kit, open the Pip-Boy and select the object to be repaired, select "Examine", then the new "Repair Kit" option and you'll be ready to go back to action! You can also use repair kits on any workbench in your CAMP, in workshops, or around the world.

You can unlock the basic repair kits in the atomic shop using the atoms you purchased or earned for free by completing the challenges.


Advanced repair kits are also disposable consumables and work exactly like basic ones. However, the advanced kits bring the condition of the repaired object to the 150%, providing it with even greater resistance to the adversity of fighting in the Contaminated Zone.

Advanced repair kits are rare items that you can get for free during various game activities, for example when you shoot down the queen of burning beasts.

Pete Hines, vice-president of Bethesda, had stated before the launch of Fallout 76:

"The Atomic shop will contain only cosmetic items. We want to make it clear that there is a limit that cannot be exceeded. There are people who have exceeded this limit, but we will remain on the right side in terms of what you can spend money on in an already paid 60 $ game. "