Several years ago, someone noticed that the face of Gabe Newell (patron of Valve) had been recklessly put on a package of intimate of the Chinese brand "Long Dian". A year later his handsome face is still present as a testimonial for the underwear mentioned above.

Gabe Newell testimonial of a line of Chinese underwear

The user Reddit "ChggnNggts"In fact he recently published on r / masterrace a photo of this which confirms this, thus triggering the most disparate reactions.

Reddit user
Reddit user

The image of the good Gabe it is not recent. According to the Chinese website Sohu in fact the stock of underwear under consideration is for sale even from the 2015.

Since then, Chinese fans of Valve have spotted the package with the big face of Gabe Newell on display, quite regularly.

The decision to use the face of Valve's founder by Long Dian sparked in them a mix of feelings between the puzzled and the amused. To the mutandoni the arduous sentence!