It is now known that in the eighth season of "The Throne of Swords"There will be the scene of a great battle. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, John Bradley (the actor he plays) Samwell Tarly in the aforementioned fantasy series) stated that the director Miguel Sapochnik as in a forensic practice, it succeeds in knowing how to grasp every detail meticulously. Sapochnik, as you may recall, has also directed the epic sequence of the combat de "The Battle of the Bastards”Of the 6 season.

Referring to Miguel Sapochnik, bradley says:

"He has such a forensic sense of detail, especially when he has to think about what to do about the point of view of all these different characters. At the same time he is able to grasp what each radical change means in each of them. It's so inspiring! "

Bradley also shared an anecdote about the resumption of the sequence itself. He said he was taken away while shooting the sequence and fought as perhaps Sam himself (understood Samwell Tarly) could not have done.

"When you play these giant fight sequences, you sometimes get carried away. Try to be as good as possible. Miguel told me: "I know you want to prove that you are good enough in battle, but remember that instead Sam is not"

Says Bradley.

"You have to interpret the character as it is, in a more truthful and faithful way to the original, so stop being so good!"

The Great Battle will see committed (living) characters such as: Sat, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, Brienne and others fighting against the army of the Night King. È the showdown announced years ago, when it all began. It is said that this scene is the "uninterrupted sequence of longest battle ever played in a movie"Succeeding in eclipsing even the scene of the battle of Helm's ditch of" The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ". The latter, we remind you, lasts well 40 minutes.

The Great Battle took about 11 weeks of night shots. According to a production report, più di 750 persone they worked almost all night 3 months with temperatures below zero. Withstanding: cold, rain, mud and lashing wind.

We remind you that "The Throne of Swords"Will air on HBO the 14 April and at the same time the 15 in Italy on Sky (for obvious time zone issues). Winter is coming!