Rockstar announced that it had released thelast update to Red Dead Online, the version multiplayer online di Red Dead Redemption 2. However, despite the numerous new contents of the aforementioned update, this online segment remains still in beta phase.

This new update adds one new mode Return of Accounts call Scorribanda. This mode sees two teams face each other in a kind of challenge, in order to collect supplies from the same place. Ultimate goal: equip the respective bases. You can also sneak into your enemy's base to steal his supplies. However, in this last situation the other players could obviously identify you more easily, which is why it would be better to bring one or more friends with you as a cover fire.

Furthermore, with this latest update, you can have new cosmetic items available. Garments like: the Owanjila hat Jacket Porter and Concho trousers. Also until 15 April, all 40 level coats, holsters, stivali e gloves are available for everyone players regardless of rank achieved. Even the horses: turcomanni, Fox Trotter of Missouri and those Arab. From now on they are available to everyone, even to under of the fateful level 40. Furthermore: the Unstable dynamite, the Incendiary Palletoni, Single explosive balls, Explosive cartridges Express and Explosive arrows can be used even if you are on under of level 60.

Please note that Red Dead Online, the online multiplayer segment of Red Dead Redemption 2 is available (Though still in beta phase) from the 27 November 2018. The complete game instead it came out last 26 October. The Rockstar title is currently available only on Ps4 e Xbox One.