Nvidia officially released the first set of driver which allows you to support the ray tracing even with tabs not RTX, namely those belonging to the series GTX 10 ed 11. But not for all those who are part of this family of GPU means, only to most of those with Pascal technology. In this case we refer to the forms that go from 1060 (from 6gb) to Titan XP. Including the 1160 1160 TI (recently released) and the Volta.

Nvidia declares that despite this, these cards will be able to process the Ray tracing (in games where this technology is available) net of a low average framerate. The advantage in terms of performance of the GPU RTX it's other stuff (obviously) and this thanks to course core RT dedicated to them.

The drivers, version 425.31, Are available right now for the download. They also offer the support to Year 1800.