See the flames wrap Our Lady, one of the most remarkable symbols of human work and ingenuity, has certainly left its mark on us all. After the initial astonishment, the damage gave the opportunity to many to propose ideas and solutions to restore the building to its former glory.

The authoritative magazine is among the voices raised GPS World, which has been dealing with the field for years GNSS. In a magazine article all the abundant sources that can be used to reconstruct how much the fire has destroyed are listed. In addition to the photographic documentation, in fact, it could be precisely the reconstructions in 3D to help more. It does not seem strange therefore that the reconstruction work done by Ubisoft for the development of Assassin's Creed Unity, considered unanimously as one of the strengths of the game, represents one of the sources from which to draw.

I'm from a few days ago the words of Caroline Miousse, team member of Unity: the artist declared that it took years to collect the necessary details to rebuild the cathedral of Paris within the game. A painstaking job that could now find a new use.

For lovers of the gaming world it is always a small satisfaction when their passion makes people talk about themselves in a positive way, leaving out sterile controversies or criticisms that often involve them. We can therefore do nothing but hope that Our Lady, go back to being that wonder that was before the fire.