The Last Of Us: Part II it is one of the most awaited Playstation exclusive, and perhaps its arrival is not that far away.

N, screenwriter of the game and now vice president of N, has shared an image on Twitter that shows the last page of the script with the words "Cut to black. End", claiming to have just shot the final scene:

We can assume that the development of the game is in its final stages. However, as in the films, the final scene does not always correspond to the last scene ever shot, and there will certainly be other work to be done before the game can actually be called finished. With the arrival of the new Playstation ever closer, it is not difficult to imagine that The Last Of Us: Part II may have the same fate as the previous chapter, that is to represent a swan song for Playstation 4 and to come out also on the new generation console. We look forward to new news.