La first season area of series di The Witcher will air on Netflix during the fourth quarter of 2019.

The above launch window was announced by the chief content officer Ted Sarandso during the last briefing di Netflix with Investors.

Considering what was initially drafted regarding this meeting, Ted Sarandso said that the aforementioned series could don't go on air until 2020.

This news bodes well. Obvious that, in spite of various and possible unforeseen events, the exit could last even longer. And in this regard we fans of the series will do the necessary exorcisms by keeping our fingers crossed.

Netflix has ordered eight episodes for the first season and the series finale has been scheduled since August of the 2018.

Currently in production in Hungary there are: the actor of The Man of Steel Henry Cavill, who will dress the glorious clothes of the famous Geralt of Rivia (main protagonist of The Witcher saga), Anna Shaffer in those of Triss Merigold, while Freya Allan e Anya Chalotra will be respectively Characteristic e Yennefer.

Eamon Farren of Twin Peaks, which will have the role of Cahir, while Joey Batey, of the television series Knightfall, that of the minstrel Dandelion.

Lars Mikkelsen, of The House of Cards and Sherlock, will be the magician of Kovir Stregobor. Royce pierreson, of the television series Wanderlust (broadcast on ABC), will interpret Istredd. We will then have Maciej Musiał, of the Polish-US television series 1983, in the role of Sir Lazlo e Wilson Radjou -Pujalte, star of the television series Jamillah & Aladdin and Dickensian, (both aired on the BBC) in that of Dara.