China has always carried out a very careful control over the publication of new video games in its territory, also thanks to the development of ad hoc organs and commissions. The main controlling body, the "State Administration of Press and Publication", created in the 2018 to manage and regulate the approval process, right from the start it has set fairly strict standards such as “respect for social values ​​dear to China"And the prohibition of explicitly showing blood on the screen. During the last conference held at the beginning of the month, the Administration announced further restrictions which video games will have to follow if they want to be published in China.

First of all, developers can no longer limit themselves to changing the color of blood to bypass the previously mentioned ban. The new games will in no way represent blood and lifeless bodies.
Some kinds of games will no longer be approved, like the bad copies of existing titles or those concerning poker and mah jong, confirming China's gambling struggle.
An annual maximum limit of approvable securities will be imposed and, finally, videogame companies will be encouraged to publish games that "emphasize Chinese tradition and its fundamental values".