As promesso, here's interesting news for the awaited "Golden" version of Persona 5, called Person 5 The Royal. In fact, in these hours Atlus has published a new trailer of the game that will arrive on the PlayStation 4 the 31 October in Japan and in 2020 in Europe.

The protagonist is the student Kasumi Yoshizawa, but among the new entries we also find a new school consultant, Takuto Maruki, which will closely follow the actions of Kasumi and her new friends.

Person 5 The Royal will have all the contents of the original title, but with a more alive world, better polygonal models, a modified interface and more defined textures.

The game will also offer the possibility of taking selfies to send to friends and thus improving the network of relationships, there will be new events with Caroline and Justine, a new class of enemies and much more.

Below you will find one image gallery that show the new characters and situations that will be possible to live in the game.