The entertainment world is constantly evolving and when it meets the world of virtual reality the results can be truly amazing.
Portal VR it is a completely new experience in the videogames world, able to combine the old die-hard style games with the great possibilities offered by virtual reality.
Forget the evenings in the dark labyrinths of the laserquest, forget about the excape rooms all more or less similar to each other, forget even the evenings spent playing solo at home with your viewer with the possibility of moving to maximum 25mq (and you must be particularly lucky in having an empty space so big in the house!) attached to your pc. Portal VR it's much more.

A room of 400 sqm all at your disposal, samsung viewers connected to a very light pc equipped with an eighth generation I7, an 1080 and 16 jig of ram, which you will carry around like a heavy backpack. The controllers will then be completely innovative: one is a sort of bracelet to be kept on the wrist, the other is a rifle to be recharged. The innovations then compared to the VR experiences we are used to are mainly two: the possibility of being able to move freely in space, both without being braked by the cables connected by the viewer to the PC and without having to move into virtual space only with the abused system of teleportation. The possibility of being totally free in the movement is the real revolution, able to amaze even gamers accustomed to VR like us. The second novelty, finally, no less important, is that of being able to play in team of maximum 5 people, all together towards a single goal: to escape and shoot.
The story is very simple: we are a band of thieves - made up of a panda, a shopping bag, a rooster, a clown and a donald trump - who tries to rob a bank and has to escape from waves of policemen who shoot us trying to kill us. We will enter from the garage, passing through the sewers, going up into the bank hall to the offices, we will escape through the roofs of the buildings until someone arrives to take us away. All that we will see, however, with our friends, will be revealed only before our eyes, because in reality we will be turning in circles for an empty room. We will totally lose the concept of space around us, we will be immersed in another dimension where reality and fiction will merge together making us experience intense 50 minutes really believing that it is somewhere else, when we will not be moved by Barletta at all.
This portal vr is the only reality present today on the Italian territory. Who designed it and made it are Alessandro Martire e Carmine Gissi, young talents from Barletta who have developed all the technologies and graphics of this extraordinary VR experience.
We asked the two developers some questions in the video below.


At a time when the VR gaming market seems to be dozing, Portal VR offers the player an unprecedented approach to virtual reality: the gameplay is fluid, the ballistic physics is not shamelessly arcade but not even realistically realistic, the graphics are well done even considering that they are made only by Carmine, the characters' skins are certainly nice but should be made more realistic in the movements of the limbs but anyway they do not cause any problems to the game dynamics.
In conclusion, this is an experience that opens the doors of the future and that We strongly encourage you to try.

Portal VR is located at Barletta in via Misericordia 32, open every day by reservation (min 2 max 5 participants).
Facebook: Portal VR Barletta
Instagram: portal_vr_barletta