The new game of Cyan, Firmament, completed with success la Kickstarter campaign thanks to a last push by the fans. The objective prefix of 1,285,000 dollars has been exceeded, reaching over 1,4 millions collected.

The great success and participation of the community has led the company to look for other methods with which those who want can continue to donate to support the development of the game. To find out more we will have to wait until next week, when the team will release more information about it.

Firmament it will be a graphic adventure with a setting steampunk and will have both one VR version than non-VR. The player will have to collaborate with a companion guided by the AI ​​for the resolution of the puzzles he will face. For now the development team has not given much detail on the game's plot.

Cyan is known for having created the world-famous saga of Myst. We can only wait for thesummer of 2020 to experience the challenge we will face in Firmament.