Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice continues to return on everyone's lips and this time the merit is of a mod based on the Thomas Train.

You know, the mods are the most fun part to add to your games, whether it's Skyrim, Dark Souls or in this case of Sekiro. Just this last title sees replace the large white snake present in the game with the nice tv train

Unfortunately the mod only changes the skin of the fearsome snake, without adding anything to the animations or other types of sounds linked to the character, but the terrifying whistle of the train remains and is unmistakable.

If you are interested, the mod is available here, while the instructions for its installation can be found on the page Nexus. The videogame world returns to tremble before the terrible Thomas train, a train that after becoming a sort of icon in the mod environment could not avoid invading the world of the shinobi in Sekiro.

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