Mortal Kombat 11 is about to receive a series of updates that will attempt to adjust the problematic rewards system.

The accusation of many users is that, currently, the rewards are too scarce. It also seems that the system was built to spend money on the player through micro-transactions.

NetherRealm intends to take action to stem the problem with patch that will try to correct this and other critical issues, such as the excessive difficulty of the mode Towers of Time.

Players of Mortal Kombat 11 will also receive coins and free items that should make unlocking rewards less burdensome.

Indeed, the development house has stated:

"We are aware of the problems concerning the difficulty of the Tower of Time and, while we have already made some changes, we assure you that there are others on the way. To help you on your journey each of you will receive:

  • 500'000 Koins
  • 500 Hearts
  • 1'000 Soul Fragments
  • 1'000 Time Kristals. "

The complete list of incoming changes, divided into two distinct patches, should be the following.

1 Patch:

  • Character balance to reduce the difficulty of the Tower of Time
  • Reduced AI health to reduce the difficulty of the Tower of Time
  • Reduction of the effects and frequency of most difficulty modifiers in the Tower of Time
  • Improvements in stability

2 Patch:

  • Reduction of AI difficulty
  • Increase in Tower of Time rewards
  • Thanksgiving gifts presented above.

Will these adjustments be sufficient to calm the controversy?