Il 10st May will arrive on Nintendo Switch Saints Row: The Third, a title released in the 2011 on the other consoles and that managed to carve out a good slice of the public. At the release, THQ and Koch Media announced a series of episodic gameplay videos, showing the most epic and action moments of the title.

Following the press release:

Only two weeks to go before the launch of Saints Row: The Third on Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, we will release a series of gameplay videos that spotlight some of the most memorable moments of Saints Row: The Third. All videos are taken from the Nintendo Switch version.

In the first episode of "Saints Row The Third Memorable Moments" we return to the moment when the Third Street Saints were the kings of Stilwater: icons of pop culture and Pierce aimed at a marketing campaign for soft drinks, but who cares about Pierce? We join The Boss, Shaundi and Gat while performing a robbery at the Stilwater 1st National Bank. The band is joined by the aspiring methodical actor and star of the Third Street Saints film, Josh Birk.

What could go wrong?

You are ready to unleash the action of Saints Row: The Third even on the Nintendo hybrid console?