Finally, after a long silence, a new trailer could be arriving dedicated to Death Stranding. Hideo Kojima has published on Twitter two images containing what appears to be a Death Stranding inscription from a video never seen before. He then deleted the first image to replace it with a tweet showing a second image in which he obscured some information.

The creator did not write anything to accompany the images. There are only two monitors in which, in addition to the Death Stranding logo, there is also a program running, probably a music production software.

The original image was not lost and appeared in a tweet from another user who asked why the part of the image that offered a view on the video timestamp was cut.

Shortly before, Kojima had published a photo of a little statue of himself in front of what appears to be the same computer in the next tweet and showing his name, blurred.

We certainly know that Death Stranding is under development for PlayStation 4. The last time Kojima talked about the game was at Tribeca Film Festival il 25th April. He appeared with Norman Reedus, who plays Sam in the game.