The software house Slightly Mad Studios, known for the series Project CARS, withdrew the application to register their console's trademark Mad Box.

Studio CEO Ian Bell announced the console in January as "The most powerful ever built". It will apparently support the 60 FPS in VR and 4K and it will be "Competitive with the prices of upcoming consoles". 

Second PCGamesInsider, the developer filed the "Mad Box" trademark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on January 3, shortly after announcing the console. The French studio Madbox presented an opposition on 25 in March.

In this opposition filed with the EUIPO, Madbox cited a "Risk of confusion on the part of the public". This refers to the similarity of the console brand with the studio name. Slightly Mad recently withdrew the patent, which may suggest that they are looking for an agreement with the software house or a completely new name.

The studio has not commented on the withdrawal or from the moment it withdrew something regarding the incoming console.