In a recent interview the leader of the development studio PlatinumGames Atsushi Inaba he stated that Bayonetta 3, compared to the two previous chapters, will undergo a noticeable change in the design process. This is because the company is trying to build new bases to start with.

Bayonetta 3

According to Inaba's words, the 2019 will be an important year for PlatinumGames, since they will be committed to independently publish their titles. A result of this policy, for now, are the two new IPs entirely owned by Platinum, which have yet to be announced. It is the first step to allow the studio to decide their own company policy and their work. For example, quoting the previous chapter, Inaba referred to the many negotiations required before they could start working on it.

And therefore also in the light of these choices we will have to expect a remarkable one design change for this last chapter, to which the experience gained with the previous games will contribute. Inaba has not issued statements, instead, regarding the titles still to be announced.

We remember that Bayonetta 3 è currently in development for Nintendo Switch.