Child Of Light, the platform game that has proved to be a pearl for many players, unfortunately it will not have the sequel it deserves.

Who remembers the words of Patrick Plourde, the creative director of the game, perhaps still sailing in hope thanks to that "We have some really impressive projects" followed by a leak on the development of the title.

Patrick, talking with VGC, told how the game is ready in his mind, but that no development is planned for it, at least for what Patrick knows.

"I know the highlights, the locations and the protagonists. There are two protagonists, both in different walks of life with different motivations, linked by their friendship. "

"I don't know if there's a Child Of Light 2 in production, Ubisoft is great, but I'm not working on it. Right now, I don't think there is a Child Of Light 2 in production ... I'm not holding my breath. "

Also according to VGC, the plans for the sequel were inspired by some ideas of Swan Lake, with his stories about exploring love, friendship and how people change during growth.

Unfortunately, the hopes for the sequel are more than dubious, and it's a real shame. Have you played the Ubisoft title? By changing the subject, you have heard the new Bioware statements on Anthem?