On the occasion of the 25 years di DoomBethesda intends to reward all those who are enrolled in the slayers club, as well as with unlockable items, but above all with the extraction of fantastic prizes, such as: T-shirts, vinyl ed action figure of DOOM Slayer. The draw will be based on yours Slayer points on the site, through various activities such as: participating in the special gaming challenges of the last Doom, reading articles, watching videos, sending your best fan art and so on. And then what are you waiting for, participate in the Year of Doom! We have nothing to do with it except to wish you good luck!

Here is the press release:





Participate in the Year of DOOM with the Slayers Club

Accumulate Slayer Points, get special DOOM Eternal unlockable items and earn the chance to win fantastic prizes!

Hello everyone!

You didn't think we had finished celebrating 25 years of DOOM, Right?
There is no better way to celebrate the legacy of DOOM, the upcoming DOOM Eternal and everything related to the world of DOOM, if not with a big, big and bad party! A party for real Slayer, in short!


We told you. This year we celebrate the Year of DOOM. The Slayers Club website has evolved to offer you all the best DOOM-themed content and to reward you for the deeds performed together with the other Slayer.


Year of DOOM with the Slayers Club
Year of DOOM. Enter the Slayers Club and earn as many points as possible


The members of the Slayers Club (you are there subscribers, can they earn Slayer Points for every action taken on the site, like taking part in the special DOOM (2016) game challenges, reading articles, watching movies, sending your best fan art, etc.
Once you have accumulated enough Slayer Points, you will grade up! But beware: your Slayers Club rank is not just for measuring yourself against the other Slayers! Grade up will also get you special game content, including exclusive skins for use in DOOM Eternal at the exit!

Slayers Club members will also be able to participate in the monthly DOOM-themed prize draw, such as DOOM Slayer t-shirts, vinyls, action figures and much, much more.

What are you waiting for? Give Praetor Armor a nice polish, stretch your fingers and don't forget to visit daily SlayersClub.com to discover all the news! The Year of DOOM has arrived!

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